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As your next County Councilwoman I will fight:

  • to Lower Taxes and help make Anne Arundel County a more affordable place to live, while investing in public safety professionals and education

As a Mother with children in public schools and Veteran Marine Corps Spouse, I stand with our first responders, prioritize the education of the next generation and understand the fight to afford to put food on the table, gas in the car, and provide for those you love.

  • to Support our Police in their efforts to put criminals in jail and keep our neighborhoods safe

Violent crime rates are on the rise in Anne Arundel County and the areas surrounding us. We must give our Police the support they need to keep our communities safe.

  • to Find solutions that allow senior citizens to continue to afford to stay in their homes

​Our property tax rates are pushing some seniors out of their homes causing them to relocate outside of Anne Arundel County - far from the people and communities they love.  When this happens, everyone looses - families, seniors and the community.

  • to Keep South County Rural and protect Crofton from burdensome overdevelopment

I grew up in Riva, my Nana lives in Edgewater and my parents in Harwood.  I share your desire to protect the rural nature and legacy of South County. I live and am raising my children in Crofton and am invested in protecting the area's quality of life.

  • to Ensure infrastructure improvements are implemented that support our communities' quality of life

From storm water management, traffic, roads that need repaving and fresh lines to protecting our waterways and the Chesapeake Bay, we must ensure improvements to infrastructure are addressed.  

  • to Oppose the Rubble Landfill off Conway Road​​

​This is a quality of life issue for the surrounding communities and residents. Plain and simple.

  • to Ensure all voices are heard as we work together to build a strong future for Anne Arundel County

Driving stakeholder participation and leading with transparency were key components to my success as Marine Corps Family Readiness Program Leader.  I pledge to bring these core values to my role as your County Councilwoman.

  • to Reduce costly and confusing government regulations on citizens who are playing by the rules

I believe most people strive to do the right thing, respect our laws and regulations and want to ensure they are treating people the same way they would like to be treated.  Government should be a partner with citizens, not an adversary.

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